A realist, not a hippie

When it comes to US – Iran regime and Israel – regime relations, this is something I strongly believe in:

“We are very lucky that we live in a generation where some of our enemies are more scared of peace than war.”

Now you may call me a hippie 😉
Joking aside, experience has shown that the Iranian regime knows how to handle war threats much better than rapprochement and offers of improved relations with the West.
This is a weakness which must be exploited to the full.
We are truly lucky.
I mentioned this statement last night as part of my lecture on Iran at the Center for Ethics and Religious Affairs at Penn State University. The lecture was arranged by Penn State Hillel.

It was reviewed by the local newspaper The Center Daily.

One thought on “A realist, not a hippie

  1. Shalom Meir,

    The check is on the way to you, your talk was terrific…

    You mentioned putting me in touch with Alon Liel – this would be important – if you know him personally could you tell him about me.

    I would be interested in coming to teach a seminar or short course and/or participate in any conferences on Turkey/Israel and related subjects…

    Warm regds –

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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