Iran – One month from the bomb?

According to the latest finding of the ISIS, as mentioned in CNN:

Iran may need only a month to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear bomb, a U.S.-based antiproliferation group says in a new assessment of Tehran’s enrichment program.

I am not going into the details of if Iran can or will actually do this, because my colleague Shashnak Joshi has done a great job explaining what this all means in the same CNN piece.

But the point I would like to add is: this is why its important that as part of a final deal, the number and types of centrifuges to stay on Iranian soil should be limited.


Because one of the things which is causing concern is the sheer number of centrifuges (10,200 operating). The other is the new advanced type of centrifuges (believed to be 1000) which Iran has installed. Their large number and the fact that the new advanced centrifuges could produce more enriched uranium at a shorter time means the distance between decision and bomb could be shorter, if Khamenei decides to make a bomb. According to Israeli intelligence assessments, he has still not done that.

We would want to increase that distance.

And limiting the number and type of centrifuges on Iranian soil as part of a final agreement would help do that.

We are a long way from reaching such a deal. For now the onus is on Khamenei.

2 thoughts on “Iran – One month from the bomb?

  1. WAKE UP!!!!! To quote Israeli intelligence sources on Iran’s nuclear weapons capability is identical to quoting chicken little’s intelligence that “The Sky Is Falling.” According to their estimates Iran should have had a nuclear bomb 20 years ago, then 19, then 18, …. all the way down to their latest, which will ALSO prove to be nothing more than Zionist attempts to get the United States to “take out” Iran’s so-called nuclear capability! I’ll pay some attention to Israeli intelligence sources when they actually SIGN THE NUCKEAR NON_PROLIFFERATION TREATITY and ADMIT THAT HEY HAVE OVER @)) NUCLEAR WARHEADS THEMSELVES, which is the only reason other nations in the Middle East want to have some sort of deterrence! Until then, Israel has no right to try to convince the US or anyone else in the inhabited world that they have anything relevant to say about ANY OTHER NATION’S nuclear capability!!!!!!!

  2. I see that my overeagerness kept the “caps lock” key down too long. That should read… “ADMIT THAT THEY (Israel) HAVE OVER 200 NUCLEAR WARHEADS THEMSELVES.

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