Not starry eyed about Rouhani

Rouhani is not well known for being a defender of human rights in Iran.

In fact he:

spoke in support of the harsh crackdown on student protesters at Tehran University in 1999″.

Please remember these were unarmed students.

And even if Rouhani were a champion of human rights, he would not have much power to change things.

This is because it is “Deep State” which consists of the un-elected group of the intelligence services, the Revolutionary Guards and the supreme leader at the top is in charge of such matters.

Khatami wanted to improve human rights, the Deep State did not let him. And Rouhani is no Khatami (although he is no Ahmadinejad either).

Yes, the Iranian regime seems more moderate in terms of its approach to the nuclear program. But when it comes to human rights, things are unlikely to change much. The life of an Iranian is still worth almost nothing to this group. $20 seems to be the value to the regime.   

Today’s reports of hangings (in retaliation to an attack) and the lashing of Christians are very much part and parcel of the regime which is only moderating its nuclear stance mostly because of sanctions. It’s a shame that the nuclear talks are diverting attention from the brutal way it treats the very same people who it claims its representing in the nuclear talks.

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