Dear Secretary of State John Kerry: do not land in Israel!

1. The Benjamin Netanyahu diet: you say that you are interested in a diet and you believe in it, and at the same time you eat 10 extra donuts a day. And when your friends and loved ones ask you why you are ruining your health, you say without batting an eyelid that eating more food and extra calories has no impact on a diet!

2. The Benjamin Netanyahu peace plan: you say that you are interested in peace with the Palestinians and you believe in it, and at the same time your government sanctions the construction of new settlement homes. 1700 new ones to be exact. And if your best friend the US who is financially supporting you (and its Secretary of State who is about to arrive) asks why you are building new homes in settlements, you say it has no impact on the peace process.

The first example is made up, the second one is true. Both the same logic, both very Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dear Secretary of State John Kerry: for the sake of peace, please turn your plane around and go back home. We know you are in Cairo and will arrive here soon. Do not land in Israel. You have nothing to see here. Netanyahu’s government only wants to humiliate you with the new settlement announcement, which is timed on the eve of your visit. He also wants to humiliate the pro-peace and pro-negotiations camp in the state of Israel, which is currently headed by Tzipi Livni.  As long as Netanyahu does not take you seriously, we in Israel who are worried about the future of this country and want peace stand no chance.

You must speak to the anti-peace camp in the language which they understand which is isolation. Otherwise you will allow them to trample on the peace process with new settlements. This will ultimately mean the end of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, while destroying the prospects for a future Palestinian state next to the state of Israel. Failure to stand up to the anti-peace camp will also mean hurting US credibility in the region.

No other way of putting it.

2 thoughts on “Dear Secretary of State John Kerry: do not land in Israel!

  1. Dear Sec Kerry.

    Turn your plane around. The Arabs have interest in peace with Israel other than the peace of the grave nor are they interested in a state unless it’s about destroying the Jewish state.

  2. Meir, this is the VERY BEST of your posts since I began following your website! It represents a PERFECT understanding of the problem that the US Government will not face up to because they are ALL too fearful of the wrath of AIPAC, from our President on down. But it is our Congress who should be the most shamed in their one-way voting, always in the direction that their re-election campaign money comes from, and ALWAYS AGAINST the real best interests of Israel and of the American people who always end up paying the bill!

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