A broom ruined my anti-American education

My supreme leader at the age of 12: Turbo from “Breakin” movie. Sorry Ayatollah Khomeini, but he was an American.

As a child (from the age of 7 – 14) I was taught under Iran’s education system that America is bad, America is evil, and America is the Great Satan.

I also participated in at least one demonstration commemorating today, the anniversary of the takeover of the US embassy by Iranian students in 1979, which lead to the hostage crisis. I had no choice. All students had to demonstrate outside their school.

So you hear all these terrible things about America at school, and then you go home. To your relatives from the US telling you what a wonderful life they have over there. To your friends who have lived there telling you in America Iranians are in fact very successful.

And as if that was not enough of an antidote to all the poison I heard about America, around the age of 12 I started break dancing.

Nothing out of ordinary, many children in my neighborhood did. We were obsessed by “Breakin“, the Break Dance movie. It was an American movie. Made by the good old “Great Satan”. And the scene below had me obsessed. I watched it over and over to learn the moves.

At the end I may or may not have learned the moves (its open to discussion), but God knows after that I could not sweep to save my life. After all the practicing to me a broom meant only want thing: dancing.

Now how can you hate the Great Satan when as a 12 year old boy your source of emulation (مرجع تقلید) is Turbo from the Break Dance movie “Breakin”?

All that anti-America brainwashing, just brushed aside, by one broom. Turbo’s broom. Take it away, my supreme leader (between the ages of 12-14).

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