Netanyahu’s birthday present to Rouhani

12 of November is Hassan Rouhani’s birthday. He turned 65 today. 

And with minutes to go before the end of his birthday, he got a present from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The present came in the form of a tender for the construction of 20,000 settlement homes by the Israeli government.

This is surely going to put more distance between the state of Israel and its biggest and most loyal ally, the United States. This something which Iran has wanted for many years, but could never accomplish on its own. But Rouhani does not have to worry as Netanyahu is inadvertently doing the job for him and the supreme leader. And judging by Netanyahu’s past, this will not be the last time.

So this year, Rouhani can expect quite a few birthday presents.

One thought on “Netanyahu’s birthday present to Rouhani

  1. G-d Bless PM B.Nethanyahu .You are strong and fearless. No one should tell you what to do in your country Build wherever you want in the state of Israel.G-d will always be with the jewish ppl. Without his protection we would have vanished long time ago! G-d Bless Israel!

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