Middle Eastern music, Israeli style

Eyal Golan

Lets face it, next week is going to be about Iran, Israel, nuclear negotiations, Obama etc….

So allow me to take a break, just for today.

Its Sunday night so lets start the week with some fantastic Mizrakhi music from Israel. “Mizrakhi” refers to Jews from the Middle East (such as my family) and we the locals have our own style of music. Arabic musical instruments abound and they also impact some of the tunes and the way the words in Hebrew are pronounced.

Eyal Golan is one of my favorites. He is of Yemeni and Moroccan origin. Here is one of his best Mizrakhi singers in Israel. The song is called “Mitgagea – מתגעגע” meaning “I long for”, or “I miss”.

Below is the live version of his song. And if you really like the song and want to practice your Hebrew, I have included the Karaoke version as well.

Take it away Eyal:

The Karaoke version:

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