Israelis disagree on shape of final deal with Iran

The Israeli parliament (Knesset)- home of political debates

As with every other policy, when it comes to the shape of a final deal between the P5+1 and Iran, there are a range of opinions in Israel.

Some believe that Iran should not be allowed to retain any capacity to enrich whatsoever. I disagree. As I mentioned in my recent interview with NPR:

“Look, every nation has got its own genetic memory, and the people of Iran have this genetic memory of their rights being disregarded and disrespected by foreigners. And if we tell the Iranian people you have no right to enrich, this is not going to be a sustainable deal.”

As mentioned in the article, I believe that “Israel should support and agreement that lets Iran continue to enrich controlled levels of uranium, something Netanyahu says is unacceptable”.

We are a long way from a final deal, and both Iran and the P5+1 have a lot to negotiate. Iran will first have to prove that its nuclear program is for civilian purposes only, something which the IAEA has not been able to declare after years of inspections.

Once we know this for sure, and Iran agree to close Fordo and the IR40 heavy water reactor (or change it to light water or enriched uranium), plus tough IAEA inspections, having a limited number of old generation centrifuges is not going to allow Iran to breakout to make nuclear weapons. Especially since a final deal will also mean that Iran will have to declare its centrifuge making centers and capabilities.

You can listen to the rest of the NPR report here

3 thoughts on “Israelis disagree on shape of final deal with Iran

  1. while Israel has nuke, and they proved they have no intention of keeping peace with their neighbors (keeping part of Syria and not letting Palestinian having their own land – although i don’t see Israel as a threat or even enemy to Iran in long term), having Arabs getting all possible weapons, Pakistani with nuke and a regime which any minutes could be changed to Taliban style, I cannot see why Iran should not be able to make nuke for its defense against invasion.

    I should be in agreement with you for a period of time which we have existing set up in the country, but in long term we in Iran need nuke to minimize our investment in traditional weaponry for defense purpose.

    In addition why Fordo should be closed? Because not easy to attack it? a sign of aggression!

  2. IRAN & US negotiations are converging toward a deal that it will create an imbalance in the region. Israel will be fine but GCC Persian Gulf countries will get hurt the most. Bush family will be a bit sad from outcome. Let’s not fool ourselves, we know Iran has already enriched uranium. G-d bless Natan-z, the great city of Natanians. May peace come to land of David & Cyrus.

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