TV Documentary – Iranian Israelis: life in the shadow of a conflict

Its not easy being an Iranian – Israeli. To many of us, Iran and Israel are like our parents. So when you see your parents fight, you always suffer. And we have been suffering for the last 34 years.

But there are also positive aspects, especially about how we have held on to our culture and identity, despite the fact that we can’t go back to Iran. How we long for the land of Iran, especially its people and its culture which we also consider as part of us. As part of one body and one soul. As Iranian – Israelis, you can never take Iran or Israel out of us.

The Iranian – Dutch filmmaker Bahram Sadeghi recently came to Israel and made a documentary about Iranian – Israelis. It was aired on Dutch Television on November 17th.

It addresses our experiences, aspirations and fears. This documentary has to be one of the best documentaries made about our community. I highly recommend it. Please share with family and friends.

(With subtitles in English)

2 thoughts on “TV Documentary – Iranian Israelis: life in the shadow of a conflict

  1. Hi Meir,

    Thanks so much for he link to the film; it was super. But they missed you!

    I wonder, did you see the film, also Dutch a few years ago, Jews of Iran? It was made during the end of the Khatami regime and came out at the start of Ahmadinejad’s first term. It was a really positive “slice of life” film about Jewish life. But I never could get a grip on the filmmaker, Ramin Farahani. That film was shown at a lot of Jewish film festivals. Here in Sydney though (basically a Holicaust community) there was a lot of skepticism about the film maker and why he would make such a movie. I used it in several classes I taught here until things became so bad between the countries.

    In any event, to use this new film, who should one contact for permission, do you know?

    Thanks. I remain Sincerely yours, Michelle Stein-Evers

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Maybe you’ve found the answer to your Q already. I am Iranian-Dutch and know to happen Ramin. You can contact Ramin Farahani thru his Facebook account. Regards, Reza

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