Survey: Majority of Israelis distrust latest Iran deal

According to a recent survey by the Tel Aviv University-Israel Democracy Institute Peace Index, majority of Israelis distrust the latest Iran nuclear deal.

According to the survey’s findings:

Fully 77% of Israelis say the nuclear agreement between Western powers and Iran will not end the Islamic Republic’s drive for nuclear weapons. Just 18% said they thought it would.

Therefore it seems that Netanyahu has the backing of majority of Israeli when it comes to his skepticism of the interim deal between the P5+1 and Iran.

However where the public don’t seem to back him is when it comes to relations with the US government.

At the same time, Israelis overwhelmingly welcome the alliance with the US. 

The survey asked bluntly: “Since 1967 the United States has been considered Israel’s most loyal and important ally. Do you think it still is?”

Israelis overwhelmingly said yes, with 71% saying they are “sure” (29%) or “think” (42%) it is. Just 26% said America is no longer Israel’s best ally.

My two cents:

After eight years of Ahmadinejad, known for his holocaust denial and calls for Israel’s elimination, as well as the recent attacks by the supreme leader against Israel, majority of Israelis are still very suspicious of the Iranian regime.

Yes Rouhani has tried to improve Iran’s image, by it will take more than two tweets from him to reverse so many years of damage.

But, if the interim deal is successful and the two sides live up to their commitments (especially the Iranian government), then I believe that the level of trust in Israel regarding a final deal with Iran could increase.

5 thoughts on “Survey: Majority of Israelis distrust latest Iran deal

  1. What other result could we possibly expect from a poll taken by the “Tel Aviv University-Israel Democracy Institute Peace Index”. As our own controlled, manipulated media have proven so often, say something often enough and it becomes fact! The Israeli’s in control WANT it to seem like a fact that all Israeli’s fear for their future because of the deal… that’s they only way they can start breaking down the resistance of the more intelligent and sensible people in this world who favor words over wars!

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