The real face of Likud

Danny Danon

I know, I give Netanyahu a hard time. Well, what do you expect? I disagree with almost all of his strategies.

But to be fair, when it comes to peace with the Palestinians, he is the most moderate member of Likud’s current list in the parliament.

Yes, you read that right.

Compared to other Likud members, he is the biggest advocate of two state for the two people solution.

Now that should give you an idea about what the other members of Likud must be like.

Well here is a perfect example: Danny Danon. Currently he is the deputy Defense Minister. He is also in Likud’s top ten list of most popular politicians (as voted in the primaries). As Ben Birnbaum noted in this piece, he is Israel’s version of Ted Cruz. Great observation by Ben, a young and talented reporter with tremendous potential.

Meanwhile Jonathan Spyer who is another talented and respected Israel based political analyst told me 4 years ago, that one day Danny Danon could be Israel’s Prime Minister. I am worried that he could be right.

Below is an interview with Danon, taped today about the peace talks with the Palestinians and Kerry’s visit to Israel.

Watch here and decide for yourself. You could be looking at Israel’s future Prime Minister.

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