Video: Saudi Arabia on Iran & vs Iran

The rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia needs no introduction. 

However at the recent Koerberstiftung conference in Berlin, there was a very public clash between the Saudi representative Prince Turki Al Faisal and former Iranian ambassador to Germany Hossein Mousavian who is now teaching at Princeton. Prince Turki is the former head of Saudi intelligence and later served as Saudi ambassador to the UK and the US. Hossein Mousavian is also a former nuclear negotiator and a close ally of former president Rafsanjani.

The intense words between them speaks volumes about the unresolved problems between the Iranian regime and the Saudis.

In their relations, both sides have been victims and victimizers. This is unlikely to stop anytime soon. In fact with the religious war in Syria between the Shia and Sunni forces continuing, it’s likely to get worst.

Watch this clip and ask yourself whether the Iranian regime’s hatred for the state of Israel bears more geopolitical or ideological reasoning.

The clip starts at the 29th minute with the presentation by Prince Turki. The response by Mousavian to his accusations against Iran comes soon after that. 

2 thoughts on “Video: Saudi Arabia on Iran & vs Iran

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