Two recommended articles on Iran

The subject of Iranian politics is a fascinating one and I always enjoy reading and learning from my colleague’s experiences and opinions.

Here are two recent articles from Iran which I found very interesting.

First by Professor Farideh Farhi who spent the last three months in Iran. I think her latest article is very interesting and highly recommend it. I don’t agree with her opinion about the impact of sanctions on the Iranian regime in this piece. I think there were several factors which forced Khamenei to change his mind, the most notable among them was and still is the sanctions.

Farideh Farhi – Three Months in Rouhani’s Iran

The second article is by Scott Petersen of the Christian Science Monitor. Scott recently returned from a trip to Iran. I really like his observations. I have met Scott (we shared a panel) at the Front Line Club last year. He is one of those reporters who really tries hard to understand Iranian culture and nuances. I only wish he could also write about the horrific abuses of human rights in Iran in his reports. I am sure he would want to, but he can’t. No reporter who wants to be allowed back to Iran can do this.

Scott Peterson – 7 Days in Iran 

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