Israel – Turkey: Something is up

First there was the news that after five years, Turkey has allowed EL AL to fly to Turkey again.

And now there is news that Erdogan’s government is:

being more flexible over Israeli compensation for the victims of an Israel Defense Forces raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla over three years ago, offering to accept a lower figure than it had demanded in the past, a senior Israeli official said Sunday.

So whats going on? Whats causing this?

Here are the top four reasons which I believe are creating this change in Turkey’s attitude:

4. Continued pressure from the Americans for the two sides to repair relations. After all, it was Obama who mediated between the Erdogan and Netanyahau, leading to Netanyahu’s apology to the Turks.

3. Erdogan is losing influence in the region, therefore his previous anti- Israel stance is losing its luster. Since Morsi is no longer in power,Erdogan has lost Egypt. Turkey’s ambassador was expelled by Al Sisi’s regime.

2. Increasing shared interest with Israel over events in Syria.

1. Israeli gas. Russia supplies 57% of Turkey’s gas supplies. After watching recent events in Ukraine and how Russia is pressuring the government there (again), the Turks are probably looking to diversify the source of their gas imports. Israel’s newly discovered gas fields could provide the answer. Gas seems to be providing the state of Israel with new geopolitical leverage in the region.

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