$3 billion to shoot at a Syrian plane?

According to a report released by the Associated Press today

Lebanese forces fired on Syrian aircraft that violated the country’s airspace on Monday, the first time they have done so since Syria’s uprising broke out three years ago, said security officials.

Note the words “first time”.

Meanwhile according to a report published yesterday:

Saudi Arabia has pledged to give the Lebanese army $3 billion in aid, Lebanon’s President Michel Sleiman has announced. The aid pledge comes amid mounting sectarian tensions in Lebanon linked to the Syrian conflict.

That didn’t take long, did it? Within the space of one day the Lebanese army is already showing the Saudis that its worth every penny of their money.

The question is: will the Lebanese army be willing to take on Hezbollah on Saudi Arabia’s behalf?

In my opinion, its very unlikely that we will be seeing the Lebanese army firing the opening salvo against Hezbollah.

This is more about creating deterrence.  Deterring Hezbollah from increased military activity inside Lebanon.

The $3 billion question is whether it will work? I am not so sure. But we shall find out very soon.

Meanwhile Syrian civilians are freezing in horrible conditions in refugee camps in Jordan. The Saudis or the Iranian regime paying $3 billion to help them? Not a bit of it.

2 thoughts on “$3 billion to shoot at a Syrian plane?

  1. The only thing deterring Hezbollah is their involvement in Syria, aka, their absence from Lebanon. Meanwhhile, Syrian sappers and saboteurs (real experts in their work) have returned back to Lebanon and practicing their art of killing Lebanese opponents.

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