Documentary- Rojava: Syria’s Unknown War

Map: Syria’s Kurdish inhabited areas

One of the lesser discussed angles of Syria’s current civil war is the Kurdish angle.

The country’s Kurds are an important minority. The political outcome of the current civil war for Syria’s Kurds could impact other Kurdish minorities in the region. It could also impact the region’s geopolitical map.

For now, Syria’s Kurds are facing an important and powerful enemy in Syria: Jihadist groups.

The documentary below looks at the Syrian Kurdish PYD party and its YPG militia, which is affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in neighboring Turkey.

According to VICE, which produced the documentary:

In September of 2013, VICE crossed the border into Syria’s Kurdish region to document the YPG’s counteroffensive against the jihadists, who had struck deep into rural Hassakeh in an attempt to surround and capture Ras al-Ayn.

You can watch the documentary below. I highly recommend it.

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