How would you describe the latest Egypt referendum?

General Al Sisi, the current de facto ruler of Egypt, and quite possibly its future one

On the 14th and 15th of January, the Egyptian authorities held a referendum on the country’s new constitution. Approximately 39% of eligible votes turned out to vote, and 98% of them voted in favor of the new constitution.

First question is: why does Egypt need a new constitution?

According to the BBC:

The draft constitution replaces one introduced by Islamist President Mohammed Morsi before he was ousted.

Unsurprisingly, the Muslim Brotherhood which was ousted from power has called the new referendum a “farce”.

In my opinion, the way Morsi, a democratically elected president was pushed out of power by force was undemocratic. .

Was this new referendum a farce? I don’t know.

But since toppling Morsi, with the way Egyptian army chief of staff General Al Sisi has been running the show in Egypt, the latest referendum and the way it came about reminds of:

Am I wrong?

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