Good times for Israel?

Think about it: Syria’s Chemical weapons are being destroyed, while today Iran stopped enriching uranium at 20% as part of its interim deal with the P5+1.

All done with the strike of a pen.

There is no way the Syrian regime would have agreed to disarmament of its chemical weapons if it believed that America would never dare attack it.

And there is no way the Iranian government and the Iranian regime would have promoted dialogue and compromise if they believed that Obama was not serious about sanctions.

The Middle East is not a stable place. There are threats facing Israel. But I think recent developments have strengthened Israel greatly in the region. Israel is a reported nuclear power, with an unmatched army, while its deadliest enemies are actually being pushed back from their WMD capabilities. Al Qaeda is fighting Hezbollah in Syria, while Assad is weaker than ever before.

Please spare me the anti-peace fear mongering. There is no better time than now to reach a deal with the Palestinians.

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