King Cyrus of Persia rules Israel streets OK!

King Cyrus (Coresh) street in Jerusalem.

Cyrus the King of Persia saved the Jewish people from slavery and exile in Babylonia.

After defeating the Babylonians, he told the Jews that they are free to return to their homeland, or to stay in his empire, if they wish.

My family stayed, for 2525 years (Cyrus saved the Jews in 538 BC).

Others returned to Israel and rebuilt the temple. Unfortunately it was destroyed again by the Romans and with it the state of Israel ended for the second time. The only thing that remains from that temple is one wall which we today call the Western wall. In 1967, during the Six days war it was returned to the Jewish people, only 19 years after the establishment of the third Republic of Israel. 

King Cyrus is considered as one of the saviors of the Jewish people, and for this, he is one of the most respected and loved foreign Kings in Jewish history.

This also explains why he has so many streets named after him in Israel.

Here is one street named after him which I photographed today in Jerusalem. Its right near the old city, near the city center. There are also streets named after King Cyrus in Tel AvivHaifaRishon Le-TzionPetakh Tikva, Pardes Hana and Afula.

His kindness will never be forgotten.

4 thoughts on “King Cyrus of Persia rules Israel streets OK!

  1. We all should learn from a Man who lived over 2500 years ago, He is the man who built an endless relation between all Jews and Iranians/Persians.

  2. MAH: The Islamic Republic does not represent Iranians as a whole. That is like saying Netanyahu and his extremist agenda represents all Jews.

  3. I feel peace and proud when I see the glorious name of Cyrus the Great intertwining the hopes and linking between the hearts of the two nations; the Iranians and the Israelis. It is not simply a dream; one day soon, we would realize that it happened.

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