My takeaways from today’s INSS conference in Tel Aviv

Yuval Steinitz, Israeli Minister for Strategic Affairs

Today I attended the second day of the INSS conference here in Tel Aviv.

I have to say that its probably one of the best conferences I have been to in Israel recently. We in Herzliya really have our work cut out for the upcoming Herzliya conference, which will be held between 8 – 11 of June this year.

Here are the points from the conference which I found interesting.

500 million Shekels

This is how much money was transferred to the settlements by Netanyahu and Lapid, according to the leader of the opposition Isaac Herzog.

The tipping point in the campaign for isolation of Israel

According to Israel’s finance minister Yair Lapid, if we don’t reach a deal with the Palestinians, we will reach a tipping point at which the scale will be tipped in favor of those who want to isolate Israel. The reason being that Israel will look like the party who is not interested in peace, therefore it will be easier to justify sanctions.

The words “Iran” and “opportunity” uttered in the same sentence by an Israeli military official

Yes you better believe it. The head of the Israeli military intelligence General Kochavi said that weakening of Iran, Hezbollah and Syria in the current Syrian conflict is an opportunity for Israel.

Iran’s military nuclear program continues

According to General Kochavi, Iran is still working on the military aspects of its nuclear program, but Ayatollah Khamenei has still not made a decision to assemble a nuclear weapon.

Rouhani’s charm attack represent the desires of the people of Iran

According to opposition leader Herzog, Rouhani is providing a nicer face of Iran because that what the people of Iran expect from him and it’s why they voted for him.

Forget it. Never

These are the words uttered by the former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fisher in Tehran to a group of Iranian students when they asked him when the West will give up its support for Israel

American withdrawal from Iraq lead to more instability

#Facepalm? Absolutely, especially when Israel’s Minister for Strategic Affairs says such a thing (pictured top right).


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