Iran and Israel at the upcoming Munich Security Conference

We had Davos last weekend, and for this weekend we have the 50th annual Munich Security Conference

I enjoyed watching last year’s sessions on-line. As always this year I will be looking out for the Iran and Israel related sessions.

The Iran session is scheduled to take place on Sunday February 2nd, from 11.45 am until 1 pm local time. Foreign Minister Zarif will be part of that panel.

Israeli representatives already took part in one panel on the Middle East peace process.

The next Israel related event will take place immediately after the Iran panel at 1 pm local time on the 2nd of February. It will be an address by Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon.Going on straight after the Iran panel, I am sure Yaalon will have plenty to say. Lets just hope its not against Kerry (again).

What I find particularly interesting is that there are no Saudi and Iranian representatives sitting together on the same panel in Davos or Munich. I can understand why there is no panel with Iranian and Israeli representatives, but why not Iranians and Saudis? As we saw in the tense words exchanged between Hossein Mousavian and Sheikh Al Turki at the Koerberstiftung conference in Berlin in December last year, the two sides have plenty to say to each other.

You can find the live link to the sessions on this page (look out for: link to live video on the right hand side of the page)

And the full program here.

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