Happy birthday Facebook and thanks for being a bridge of peace between Iran and Israel

Today is the 10th birthday of Facebook.

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for this great invention.

Facebook is a great peace building tool. It has helped Iranians and Israelis to get to know each other. To learn from one and other. Just look at the Israel Loves Iran Campaign and how Facebook has enabled this amazing campaign to flourish and to build bridges between Iranians and Israelis.

Facebook is a tool and we can use it for good or bad. I look forward to using it for many more years first and foremost as a learning tool. To learn about the good things and the bad things that are happening in this region, especially in Iran and Israel.Knowledge is power, and to share knowledge today we are lucky to have this amazing website called Facebook.

I hope one day in addition to the Israel Loves Iran Facebook page, we will also have a “Israel In Iran” Facebook page. I will be the first to LIKE that page.

Here is a tribute to Ronny Edry’s project, made possible thanks to Facebook and more importantly because of Ronny’s vision and humanity

One thought on “Happy birthday Facebook and thanks for being a bridge of peace between Iran and Israel

  1. I would love to try a similar type of project with Baha’is proclaiming love, friendship and respect towards the Muslims/Muslimas or Iran and Egypt, but I must have assurance this is something the Universal House of Justice in Haifa, Israel would consider giving approval towards. The situation of Baha’is living in these two nations is very volatile and I would not wish to do anything to result in Baha’is there suffering retaliation of any degree. It does warm my heart that Israel Loves Iran has made such a person-to-person transition or realization of mutual love between the everyday people of these two nations. It is meaningful and deeply touching to the hearts of the world. Also, thankful for Facebook in providing the means for meaningful connecting in building peace in this way.

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