Why would Iran send warships towards the US?

Upcoming anniversary of the 1979 revolution could be a major reason.

Why has Iran announced that it will send warships towards US maritime borders?

In my opinion, there are several reasons which could explain this announcement.

First is the nuclear negotiations. With such an announcement, Iran could be trying to boost its negotiation position.

The second reason could be related to the upcoming anniversary of the 1979 revolution, which will take place on the 11th of February.

Many governments like to have a good military show or military declarations for the anniversary of major political or historic milestones. The French have huge military parades during Bastille day. In Israel, the air force also shows part of its military prowess during Independence Day celebrations. This announcement could be part of Iran’s military muscle flexing for this important upcoming anniversary.

Such muscle flexing is even more important for this upcoming anniversary of the revolution. Iran’s leaders would not want the compromises which they have had to make at the recent nuclear talks to be interpreted as a sign of weakness, especially at home.

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