Kabab and rice? Is this what you call a “charm offensive”?

Iranian Kabab and rice

Laura Rozen reports today from Geneva where the latest round of nuclear talks are taking place:

European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif kicked off this round of talks with a dinner of Iranian kebabs and rice at the Iranian mission in Vienna Monday night.

Did I read that right?

Kebabs and rice? Is that what the Iranians really prepared for Cathy Ashton?

Are you being serious?

Is that what you call Iran’s “charm attack” Mr Netanyahu?

Kebab and rice are as basic as you can get in Iranian hospitality.

With a galaxy of delicious Iranian dishes, you really are not hard up for choice. How about some nice Ghorme Sabzi. Or Zereshk polo chicken, topped off with some delicious tah-e dig (or as I would like to call it: highly enriched Iranian rice). Or Fesenjoon (which my Colombian wife cooks a mean dish of).

Lets just hope that this does not turn into a gastronomical tit for tat affair.

Because if Cathy Ashton decides to repay in kind by hosting a traditional Steak and Kidney pie and chips dinner then all bets will be off and all options will be on the table (no kidding this time). Those things could make a Genghis Khan out of any old pacifist.

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