Venezuelan electrocaribe music, streets of Tehran

Venezuelan electrocaribe music is usually associated with coastal areas of south America.

Listening to it adds more exoticism when the music video is filmed in: yes, you guessed it right, Tehran. Its one of the last places you’d imagine as a venue for a electrocaribe style music video.

The Venezuelan band Bituaya recently filmed the video for one of its songs there.

The song is called “solos” meaning they are alone.

According to the song’s composer Piki Figueroa:

“In the song talk about how we feel alone, but we’re really not, because we have our family, our talent, and our country. And we realized that Venezuela is not alone because of the support of other countries, like Iran,” he said.

The video does a great job of showing the beauties of Tehran.

By the way, you see that tall tower? thats about 20 minutes from our former house in Tehran.

Yo creo que el pueblo Irani no debe sentirse solo. Solo el regimen.


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