Pakistan just became a bigger security threat to Iran

Recently there was the kidnapping of five Iranian soldiers by Pakistan based Sunni Iranian militants.

And today a Pakistani Taliban group carried out a suicide bombing near Iran’s consulate in the Pakistani city of Peshawar, killing two people.

There have been attacks from Pakistan before. However during the past year, Pakistan has started to become a bigger security threat to Iran.

Why is that? What has brought this change?

In my opinion, two factors:

One is the war in Syria. Iran’s support for Assad’s attacks against Sunnis has energized many anti-Shia terror groups. This includes groups in Pakistan.

The other reason is Pakistan’s current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He entered office in June last year.

And what is so different about Sharif? 

“Compared to his predecessor, Sharif is much closer to the Saudi regime, which is one of Iran’s staunchest rivals in the region. In fact, when Sharif was deposed in a bloodless coup as Pakistan’s prime minister in 1999, it was Saudi intervention which saved him from jail. He then went to live in Saudi Arabia until 2007. Since coming to power, Sharif has met with the Saudi king again.

As the saying in Northern Ireland during “the Troubles” went: “Collusion is not an illusion“.

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