The sheer brutality of the Iranian regime (shocking video)

No Iranian regime in modern history of Iran has killed, raped and tortured Iranians in such great number in its prisons and outside as the current regime. 

The revelation of this recently published video from the city of Karaj outside of Tehran is another reminder of the brutality of this regime.

In this shocking video, which I warn should not be watched by children, an Iranian is about to be hanged publicly. We don’t know why.

As his last wish, the man asks to see his mother. They don’t allow him. The man pleads. You can hear his mother weeping, but regime security officials say no.  He then gets upset and starts attacking the security people around him. He is attacked by a group of them, who then put his head around the noose and pull away the chair from underneath his feet.

In the last moment before he is executed, he asks his mother to bless him and to bless his soul…you can hear her weeping in the background.

It must be noted that execution of Iranians by the regime is increasing.

Next time someone asks you why there is no revolution in Iran, then you can tell them one of the reasons. And the regime won’t stop, because abuse of human rights is an existential necessity for the survival of the current regime.

One thought on “The sheer brutality of the Iranian regime (shocking video)

  1. “abuse of human rights” not “abuse of human rise”. Please do not publish this comment. I just wanted to point out a typo.

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