The most immediate crisis facing #Iran

The looming water crisis in Iran is one of the most immediate and serious threats facing the country.

I wrote about this threat in November 2013 for the Al Monitor publication.

And I am writing about it again because the situation has gotten worst.

“500 cities in Iran are facing a water crisis”. Thats according to Hamid Reza Tashi’i, who is the deputy head of the Iran Water and Sewage Company.

This includes major cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Esfahan, Arak, Hamedan and Kerman.

In Tehran, the Latian reservoir which is one of the most important sources of water for the city is carrying 66% percent less water than this time last year.

Meanwhile the government is warning that unless people in Tehran start conserving water, it may be forced to reduce the water pressure. It is also planning to cut the water supply of customers who overuse water, regardless of whether the client is private or is part of the government.

The water crisis is likely to hit Iranian families and businesses hard. It could also have security implications. Its bad enough that water prices are increasing 20% as part of the 2nd phase of the subsidies reform program, having less water or facing water rationing is likely to fray the nerves of Iran’s population even more.Lets not forget that they already face other problems such as high inflation, unemployment, government corruption and sanctions.

Meanwhile the regime is obsessed with the nuclear program. As for Rouhani’s government: they need the financial support of the regime to tackle such a massive problem, something which is unlikely to arrive anytime soon.

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