Reject #Iran pick for the UN and move on

Iran recently nominated Hamid Aboutalebi as Iran’s next ambassador to the UN in NYC. However part of his background raised questions about his suitability for the post.

Barry Rosen was one of the US hostages.

According to an interview which Aboutalebi gave to the Tehran based Khabar on-line he stated that after the hostage taking, he interpreted some material into French for the hostage takers.

Would someone who helped the hostage takers of US diplomats, the very same people who illegally imprisoned and psychologically tortured US citizens for 444 days be a suitable pick for the position of Iran’s ambassador to the UN, which is based on US soil? Absolutely not.

According to former US hostage John Limbert, “it was a mistake for the Iranians to even consider sending Aboutalebi to New York given his connection, however peripheral, to the embassy takeover. This one’s got me scratching my head,” Limbert said.

But of course Iran is not the only one to make a mistake. According to the VOA, “the US once sent former CIA head Richard Helms to Iran while the Shah was still in power, Limbert added, “We live in a world of symbolism. They symbolism of that [sending Helms] was terrible [given the CIA role in the 1953 coup] and the symbolism of this [Aboutalebi] is also terrible.”

There are also other reasons why he would be a poor choice.The presence of Mr Aboutalebi as Iran’s UN ambassador would divert attention away from the recent progress made between Iran and the U.S. It would also give ammunition to those who want to discredit the negotiations.
Diplomacy is good and Iran has many diplomats. Iran should nominate someone else and both countries should move on. There are enough challenges ahead of both countries. Lets stay away from anything that symbolize ugly past incidents, a notable one being the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

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