Iranian mothers and the ancient art of slipper throwing

This April fools day, in Birmingham England, a young Iranian guy with the help of his sister decided to play a prank on his mother. She was visiting from Iran.


?????? ??? ?????
Old Iranian slippers- AKA – Dampayee

He told her that he was seeing a Spanish girl who was 5 years older than him, and that she was pregnant. They filmed the whole thing.


Before he knew it, he was getting the treatment which many of us in Iran know about, and its the dampayee treatment. Dampayee means slippers in Persian, and Iranian mothers know how to use them. Forget UAVs and sniper rifles, these things are more accurate when operated by an experienced Iranian mother.


In his “Delirious” stand up comedy tour in the 1980, Eddie Murphy tells the tale of his mother being a female John Wayne with a shoe.


Forget it Eddie. African – American mothers are amateurs compared to Iranian mothers. What you went through was like a walk in a park. Your mother was good with a shoe? OK, so she was good with one shoe Eddie. One. OK, maximum two….Boo Hoo


Your Mum only had two shoes at her disposal. If she missed, that was it. The chamber was empty. Iranian mothers have at least five times more than that. Its like having a submachine gun magazine full of ammunition at the tip of her fingers.




You try living in an Iranian house where people take their shoes off before entering and leave them by the door Eddie. There are ten more shoes by the door. Where as in your case by the time your mum looked for a new pair, you could have made it to another town. Not us. It was like a shoe Kalashnikov firing at all directions.


Watch out for Iranian mothers and slippers. And remember that playing dodge ball can help in more ways than one.

Now lets hear about how you had it easy Eddie…:-)

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