6 Passover questions

The Jewish festival of Passover starts tonight. Jews worldwide will commemorate and celebrate the exodus of Jews from slavery in Egypt to freedom in the first state of Israel (we are currently living in the third).

Part of the Passover tradition consists of eating Matzah, which is unleavened bread. The reason being that the Jews were in such a hurry to leave Egypt that they did not have sufficient time to prepare the bread and to cook it properly. So we eat Matzah for seven days to commemorate this.

We also have a special meal (called seder) where each item we eat is related to the festival and to our wishes for the future.

The other part of the festival, which takes place during the meal is asking questions. Four questions to be exact.

In line with this tradition, here are some questions of my own with regards to this festival:

  1. as well as bring a prophet, was Moses the first ever Workers Union leader?
  2. was the Exodus the first ever mass Walkout?
  3. could the Ten Commandments be also considered as the first ever Workers Charter? (it did after all give a day’s rest to everyone)
  4. was the Manna (the food which God send to Jews in the desert) the first ever food stamp program?
  5. For seven days of Passover, Jews can’t drink beer, eat bread or any other grain products. Is Passover the first ever religious no-carbs dieting festival? Is God trying to tell us something?
  6. If Moses is really the father of all Jews and his descendants live in Florida, when he arrived on the shores of the Nile, how come he didn’t ask for a nice cruise? A well deserved holiday after all the stresses of moving, don’t you think? certainly easier than splitting the Red Sea!

This should do for now. I will write more as I think of more questions.

I enclose with the Matzah rap.

Happy Passover everyone.



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