On this holocaust rememrance day, I thought of its victims and Muslims of the C.A.R

Today in Israel, we marked the annual holocaust remembrance day.

A young victim of the war in the C.A.R. Many children have been killed.

At 10 am this morning, sirens sounded in memory of the victims of the holocaust.

During the minute silence, I tried to think about the victims of what was the biggest genocide in modern history. What it must have felt to be a defenceless Jew surrounded and hunted by Hitler’s powerful army. How while genocide happened to my people, many countries decided to turn a blind eye.

To me, the lesson of holocaust is that its a genocide that we must remember, and to prevent from happening again. No one should be a victim of genocide, be they my people, your people, or theirs.

Which is why today I thought of the Muslim people, those living in the Central African Republic (C.A.R).

According to the UN, seeds of genocide are being sown there.

Witnesses describe Muslims ‘being butchered like sheep’. Thousands of the country’s Muslims are being ethnically cleansed as we speak. It must be noted that Islamist militants are also attacking Christians. But the scale of the attacks against the C.A.R’s Muslims is far bigger and closer to what can be described as ethnic cleansing.

The video below by the Amnesty International explains more.

On holocaust remembrance day, we say “never again”. Genocides must never happen again. Lobby your politicians to help stop the Central African Republic turning into another Rwanda.

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