Ehud Barak interview with Russia Today

I have tremendous respect for Ehud Barak as a soldier and a strategist.

Israel and Israelis owe him much for his service and contribution to this country, especially the decision to withdraw from Lebanon in 2000, which he headed as prime minister.

It’s unfortunate that such a brilliant man also happened to be such a difficult person (please note that I am being polite). Almost all the politicians who worked with him fell out with him. His personality was a major reason. You hear about how badly he treated people. This is one reason why he no longer has a future in Israeli politics. Almost no one can or is willing to work with him.

This recent interview with Russia Today is recommended. You can agree or disagree with him, but he is someone who deserves to be listened to. He is a very clear thinker. He also seems to be a Putin fan..say what?

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