Iran loves Israel (weapon merchants)?

Iranian soldier guards at Iranian navy ship with an Israeli made Uzi sub-machine gun

For the second time this year, Israelis are suspected of selling weapon related systems to Iran.

Looking at both cases, an interesting patten emerges: Iranian defense officials seem to have a soft spot for Israeli weapon merchants. They seem to trust Israelis. That somehow despite all the animosity, they seem to have no problem getting Israelis to buy equipment for them.

Otherwise why allow someone by the name of Eli Cohen (the man arrested today) to buy spare parts for their fighter aircraft? In another case this February two religious Jews by the names of Avichai Weinstein and Eli Cohen (could be the same person as arrested today) were also suspected of selling F4 spare parts to Iran.

The Iranian defense establishment is highly paranoid and suspicious of Israelis. To them, every foreign Jewish person is a potential Israeli agent. So why are they allowing Weinstein and Cohen to buy weapons for them? don’t they suspect them of acting on Israel’s behalf? aren’t they worried that they could be part of a ploy to embarrass them?

One potential answer here could be that Israeli weapon merchants have proven their worth to their Iranian clients before. This is why the Iranians trust them.

Its possible that these arrests are showing us a tip of the iceberg. That in fact over the years Israeli merchants have been in charge of selling weapons to Iran, and we are now getting some exposure to it now.

Its also possible that the Iranians were somehow fooled into believing that they were dealing with people of other nationality. That Mr Cohen and Weinstein were so good at covering their tracks that the Iranians had no idea who they were dealing with.

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