The Iran Drones That Save Lives

Every year in the Caspian Sea in northern Iran, numerous people drown. In fact on my mother’s side of the family a distant cousin was lost to that sea. The father of three drowned while swimming with his children. There was no lifeguard to save him. This is a tragedy which has happened to numerous families in Iran who vacation there.

Now imagine a drone, which can act as a lifeguard. One which can deliver a swimming ring to a person who is drowning in the sea, day or night. A drone which can be tracked by satellite, and charged with solar power energy.

Such a drone has been designed by an Iranian company called RTS Idea.

Here is a very interesting video about their invention. Their next project is an oil spill cleanup robot.

Iran is certainly not short of talented young people. However many of them decide to leave, which is why it has one of the world’s highest rates of brain drain.

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