Some #Israel and #Palestine supporters need to get their facts straight

One of the other depressing things about war is the realization how ignorant and intolerant some people are on both sides of the conflict.

Group 1

Those who say that its the Palestinian’s fault for getting killed, because they elected Hamas. Note: they elected Hamas in 2005, and there have been no elections since, because Hamas does not allow it. If the people of Gaza knew this is what awaits them, would they have elected Hamas? No. So its their fault for dying?

Many people in this group also say Arabs only want to kill us and that they do not want peace, when as a matter of fact the PLO has cooperated in fighting terror in the West Bank. Their leader Abu Mazen has been described as peace partner by Israelis including President Peres. And yes Mahmoud Abbas was involved in a peace process with Israel before Netanyahu derailed the talks with settlement building.

Group 2

Those who say Israel only intents to kill Palestinians, when in fact on many occasions warnings have been given to the areas which are about to be attacked.

If you want to kill, kill, kill, then why bother calling people and warn them to leave? For fun?

The same people also see no problem with Hamas using civilian areas to fire on Israelis, which puts the lives of Israelis and Palestinians at risk. They would have us living under Hamas rocket attacks day and night, because Hamas is operating from civilian areas.

Ignorance leads to war? Yes it does. It also leads to its continuation and repeat later on.

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