Notes from Tel Aviv: are you a fraud?

Its difficult to describe the sadness which I felt when I saw the news about the death of the four Palestinian children who were killed on the beach of Gaza. I shudder to think what their parents must be going through right now. I hope there is an investigation launched, and if they were killed on purpose, those responsible are sent to jail. People who intentionally kill innocent civilians deserve to rot in jail.

Some among you who are reading this are probably thinking: “All Israeli soldiers deserve to go to jail. They are all murderers. Israel only murders. Thats all it has done since it was created”.

While some others are probably  thinking “Its the dead children and their parents who are at fault. This war is Hamas’s fault. Israel never kills anyone and has never killed anyone on purpose. It never would. Impossible. ”

Well, you are both a bunch of dishonest frauds. And YOU , yes both of you are partly responsible for the continuation of this war. Its your views that create so much hate on the other side. Hate which feeds the beast of hatred which is devouring this region.

How much of a liar do you have to be to paint an entire group of people with one brush?

Yes, some things are facts. Yes Israel is occupying Palestinian lands. Yes Hamas is firing at Israeli indiscriminately. But how much of a fraud do you have to be to refuse to even consider that there are nuances. That there are shades of grey.

How much of a racist do you have to be to think that all Palestinian mothers want is for their children to die, and all that Israelis want is to kill and murder indiscriminately?

Today 20 missiles were found at a UN UNRWA run school in Gaza. So Hamas, the defender of the Palestinian people, puts Gaza children at risk by using their schools as weapons storage. How much disregard would you need to have for the lives of your own people to do this?

And you think settlement building will stop after all the recent misery of the current war? think again. The humiliation of the Palestinian people will continue. And we wonder why they are angry. Why they don’t want to live under our rule.

So keep putting your little messages on facebook depicting Israel as a racist state with no right to exist or to defend itself and Palestinians as violent, child beating terrorists. Keep demonizing the other side. Keep portraying the other side as the devil and reincarnation of Satan and your side as innocent angels.

But when you do, please remember, you are only creating hate and ignorance.

More importantly, you are being patently dishonest. Or in other words, a fraud.

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