How the Iron Dome is (also) saving #Israel left wing parties

Can you imagine the loss of lives in Israel if Hamas missiles were not shot down by the Iron Dome anti-missile system?

Israel’s missiles and bombs are of course much stronger than those of Hamas.

However Hamas’s missiles, if they score a direct hit on to a house or a car can kill. Here is one example. A paint factory was destroyed by one of them. Here is another example of a direct hit against a residential building.

Hamas missiles not being intercepted would also have domestic political implications.

History has taught us that after major losses of life, the Israeli public votes for right wing parties.

For example take the 1996 elections. Even the outpouring of sympathy after Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination was not enough to secure the Labour party a victory. The Hamas suicide bombings which soon took place after Rabin’s assassination and the high number of casualties which they caused pushed the Israeli voter towards the right.

And what little remains of the Israeli left would have become even more miniscule, had the Iron Dome system not shot down so many of Hamas’s missiles.

So the Israeli left needs to thank the Iron Dome for two reasons. First for keeping them safe, much like everyone else in Israel. And secondly for not destroying what little influence they (we) currently have.

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