The warmongers who ended the Israel – Gaza truce

There was no need for it. There was no God damned need for the current ceasefire between Israel and Gaza to end.

And now its over. Some group in Gaza, we don’t know who yet, decided to break the ceasefire today by firing at the city of Beer Sheva in Israel.

Are you against the siege of Gaza? I am, against most of it, except importing weapons. I don’t see the logic of making exports from Gaza so difficult. Why drive the people there to poverty? To punish Hamas? How silly. The poorer Gazans become the more they are likely to support extremist groups.

In fact I agree with a Gaza port. I want the people of Palestine to have their own port and airports. Why not? I have it. They have the same rights. As long as there is a mechanism to ensure no missiles get through. In fact I would welcome it. Prosperity has always contributed to stability. If the people of Gaza have a thriving economy, its good for all of us.

But there is no way on God’s earth that I would agree to continue negotiating with Hamas when it does not respect ceasefires. Now you could say that there are other militant groups in Gaza too. Yes, there are. In the past, when it has wanted to, Hamas has ensured that these groups respect ceasefires. Gaza is not Canada. Its small enough for Hamas to get the message through to all groups that there is a ceasefire, so respect it – if and when it has wanted to.

If Hamas doesn’t even respect a temporary ceasefire, then what is the point of negotiating with it for a long-term ceasefire. Whats the point of making compromises?

This has to stop. We need a ceasefire in place which is respected. We need calm and quiet for both people. And once we have that, both Israel and Hamas need to make some serious compromises, if they are interested in avoiding future wars.

There is no military solution for this problem. Israel and Hamas will never be able to destroy the other side.