#Iran regime is worried about a new film

In 2009, the Iranian – Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari who was working in Iran was arrested. He was questioned and kept in jail  for 118 days, part of that in solitary confinement.

His “crime” was being a journalist during the 2009 demonstrations which took place after Ahmadinejad’s fraudulent election. He took note of and witnessed some of the demonstrations.  He was also interviewed by some foreign media organizations and program, including Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show”.

The regime not only mistreated him, it also tried to make a spectacle of him. He was threatened and was forced to give interviews to regime controlled channels, among them PressTV. This regime mouthpiece is in charge of propaganda for the regime and is run directly by regime officials. Its job is promoting regime ideology, and to attack whoever the regime views as its foes. It is not just anti-Israel but an antisemitic channel where its writers use antisemitic references such as the forged “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Because of its behaviour, the UK government approved OFCOM organization banned PressTV from operating in the UK.

John Stewart made a movie about Maziar Bahari’s experience in Iran’s jails. The authorities in Iran is panicking. They made a segment attacking and delegitimizing John Stewart and Maziar Bahari. Its classic regime propaganda where people it wants to discredit are accused of working for other governments.

I have included the preview of the upcoming movie and the clip aired on Iranian TV about the movie. Its with English subtitles.

Movie trailer:

Iranian TV’s report about the movie: