Majority of people in the Middle East are likely to support an independent Scotland

The logo of the Yes campaign in the Scottish referendum

Tomorrow the people of Scotland will take part in a historic referendum to decide whether they wish to stay in the United Kingdom, or to become an independent state.

In my opinion, and this is not based on any particular survey, majority of the people of Iran will support those in Scotland who wish to break away from the United Kingdom.

There are several reasons behind this. Foremost among them is British colonialist ambitions in and around Iran. Now you could say that the Brits also include the Scots. True. But in Iran, Great Britain is usually synonymous with England. When referring to the UK, majority of people say Ingilisi-ha meaning the English, or Ingilis, meaning England.

So the Scots getting independence would be sweet revenge after the Ingilisi-ha helped former Iranian colonies in Afghanistan and Bahrain gain independence.

In fact I dare say that there is a good chance that majority of Arabs and those living in Arab countries will support the pro-independence front in tomorrow’s Scottish referendum.

Again this would be due to a range of reasons.

One is that after the 2003 Iraq invasion, the UK government is not very popular in this region.

There is also the historic baggage. Many people in this region still hold the British government responsible for the Sykes Picot agreement of 1916 as well as the Balfour declaration of 1917. So there will be those who want revenge by seeing the UK carved up.

There are of course also those who want independence in this region. These include the Kurds and the Palestinians. A Scottish victory and a new Scottish state is likely to energize them even more.