#Israel Defense Minister’s inadvertent gift to #Hamas, #Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad

Imagine this scenario: a room full of planners from Israel’s chief adversaries, all trying to come up with ways to hurt Israel.

“How can we drag the name of Israel through dirt?” says the official representative from Hezbollah.

“And at the same time, get Israel to do something of its own volition that would make it look like a racist, apartheid state without us having to lift a finger”, adds the official from Islamic Jihad.

“And while we are at it, get some credibility from inside Israel for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign which we want the world to impose against Israel”, says the official Hamas while getting excited.

“To do all this with one move? Too ambitious. We just couldn’t”, would probably be the consensus.

This may sound difficult, but today’s decision by Israel’s Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon just did the job for Israel’s enemies. A master stroke. How else can you explain hitting  three targets with one shot?

By deciding to create segregation in the West Bank by disallowing Palestinians from travelling on buses which Israeli citizens use, as Israel’s Defense Minister has just decided to.

You may say: “he did this for security reasons”.

No he did not. According to the front page of Haaretz (see below), his move is in fact in direct contrast to the position of the Israel Defense Forces which does not see a risk from shared buses which Palestinian and Israeli persons travel on.

With this new policy, Moshe Yaalon seems to be trying to win votes with minority settlement citizens. However he has also inadvertently delivered a massive own goal against Israel, much to the probable ecstatic delight of its enemies.