What about human rights abuses by so called “Catholic” organizations?

Being an Iranian – Israeli and living in the Middle East, I am used to hearing stories about religious figures and institutions abusing the poor and the destitute in the name of religion.

However we must not lose sight of abuses by other so called religious groups.

I would be lying if I told you that I did not have to use all my might to fight back the tears when listening to the podcast below.

In it, you will hear about slave camps run by Catholic organizations in Ireland, until as late as the 1990s. About how women were raped by priests in some cases and forced to endure some of the worst working conditions while getting no pay. How their children were taken away from them.

And whats worst is that the Irish government does not seem to be pursuing the perpetrators in a serious manner.

You can to listen to the podcast “Ireland’s Forced Labour Survivors”. Its the second podcast below.

The Middle East does have its share of fanatics, but it does not have monopoly over abuse of power by so called religious organizations.