WARNING – WARNING: cyber attack from #Iran

During the last couple of days, some Iranian journalists and commentators have been subjected to cyber attacks.

This includes successful hacking attempts against gmail accounts, including ones which have the two step verification process.

In order to reduce the chances of becoming a victim:

1 – do not open any attachments from anyone, including friends, unless you can verify it with them through the phone. I received an attachment from a friend today whose gmail account was hacked. So be very careful.

2 – if you get a phone call from someone in Iran saying that they have some news to share with you, hang up immediately. In some cases the hackers use US numbers

3 – You may receive what looks like a google verification code on your cell phone. Do not type it in. And if someone calls you to verify that code, hang up immediately.

4- Do not click on any messages from google which says “someone tried to get in your account, click here to change your password”. I received such a message which said someone in Iran had tried to get into my account.

Change your passwords immediately. Make it as difficult as possible.

And last but not least, share this message far and wide, especially among Iranian reporters, commentators and activists living in the diaspora.