If only the #Iran regime would allow Rafsanjani to reach out to the Sunni world

Tonight I was the guest of i24 news in Yafo, just outside of Tel Aviv. The host of the evening news hour program Lucy Aharish interviewed me about the killing of 3 Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen on Iran’s border with Pakistan and the killing of an Iranian Brigadier General yesterday in Iraq.

These events took place while Iran is conducting the biggest military maneuvers in its history.

They are a clear sign that Iran’s enemies are now surrounding it on the East and its West, with ISIS in Iraq and the Sunni extremist Jeysh Al Adl group on the border with Pakistan. These attacks show that although Iran is sponsoring terrorism abroad, in the case of attacks launched from Pakistan, Iran has also been a victim of terrorism.

Needless to say that some of the Iranian regime’s own discriminatory policies against Sunnis are responsible for some of the hostility. This is despite repeated efforts by the government of President Rouhani to improve relations with Iran’s Sunni minority, especially in the Sistan and Baluchistan province where the attacks took place today.

However as the government is weaker than the regime in Iran, its hands are tied. In fact if the regime would have allowed Ayatollah Rafsanjani to improve relations with the Saudis, Iran’s relations with the Sunni world would have been much better. But its unlikely that the regime would allow that, as many hard liners aligned with the regime believe that Rafsanjani was the ideological father of the 2009 post-election demonstrations.

Although this is a serious subject, I believe that you should never take yourself too seriously in this business. So before I entered the studio, I tried to take a selfie with Lucy who was inside the Meir javedanfarstudio. But of course, my selfie was photobombed by the one and only Shachar Peled. You can be the judge 🙂