I stand with Democracy, I stand with France

To one group, unquestionable respect for their religion is of utmost importance. 

To the other group, unquestionable right to free speech is of utmost importance.

These two groups keep clashing and can’t live with each other.

Personally, I found the some of the drawings of the Charlie Hebdo magazine offensive and sensationalist. But thats just me.

Who can decide for an entire country the group whose view should supersede the other ?

The answer: the democratic majority. The people’s courts and the people’s representative. The people of France have already decided that they want the right to free speech. This right should be respected in the same way had they decided to live in a society where no religion can be challenged. But they didn’t choose that option.

Today the choice of the majority in France which is the freedom of speech was attacked in the most brutal way. Thats why I stand with the people of France.