Poll: how does the French public view Jews and Muslims?

Bar chart from the findings of the poll. Source

For that matter, how do the German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Polish and the British public view Jews? Do they view them favourably or unfavourably?

And the same goes regarding their view of Muslims. Which of these countries has the most favourable and unfavourable view of Muslims?

Well, the French people are the people who view both Jews and Muslims more favourably than all the other aforementioned countries (see right).

In terms of unfavourable views: between the surveyed nations, the Greek public had the most unfavourable view of Jews.

Meanwhile the Italian public was found to have the most unfavourable view of Muslims.

I would love to know why the Greek population has such an unfavourable of Jewish people. What is the source of their negative view? Is it the Greek press?

And why do the Italians have such an unfavourable view of Muslims? Italy has not been the target of major terrorist attacks by minority extremist Islamic groups. Is it because Italy is a religious country? Why?

You can read the entire findings of the recent poll by the Pew Research Center here.