#Iran: the writing on the banknote

An Iranian banknote

Banknotes can sometimes be a good indicator of the national mood.

For example, after the death of the Star Trek actor Leonard Nemoy (Mr Spock), a new phenomenon has started in Canada whereby people draw “Leonard Nimoy-inspired Mr Spock pictures on their $5 bank notes.”

In Iran, banknotes sometimes also reflect the national mood.

For example in 2009, soon after the Green uprising, many people started writing anti- Ahmadinejad and anti regime messages on Iranian bank notes. Green colored pens were used to write such messages, in solidarity with the imprisoned leaders of the Green movement. This method of protest became so powerful and popular that the regime, six months after the start of the campaign declared all such banknotes invalid.

The Iranian government recently ordered the printing of new 50,000 riyal (5000 Toman) bank notes. According to the tweet below by Abbas Aslani, the General Director of world news at the Tehran based Tasnim news agency, “Nuclear energy symbol was removed from Iran’s new 5k Toman bill. The symbol has changed to gate of Tehran University”.

Could the removal of the nuclear energy symbol from the new 50,000 Riyal banknotes be taken as a sign that the Iranian government and the Iranian regime are preparing their public for a compromise over the nuclear program?

Perhaps. Its a sign that should not be ignored.