#Iran framework agreement is good for #Israel

Image source: Wikipedia

Tonight, history may have been made.

I say maybe, because what has just been agreed is a framework deal. Its not the final deal. All the final details of the final deal still have to be worked out by the end of June this year. And things could still go wrong.  So lets wait and see.

But looking at the details of the agreed framework deal tonight , this definitely looks like a good framework deal for the security of the state of Israel.

There are many reasons, but here is just one of them.

Iran will be required to grant access to the IAEA to investigate suspicious sites or allegations of a covert enrichment facility, conversion facility, centrifuge production facility, or yellowcake production facility anywhere in the country.

Lets see what the final deal will look like. But there is reason to be optimistic.

I will write a more detailed article tomorrow.