In #Iran, some are openly pining for the Shah

The late Shah of Iran, Mohamamd Reza Phlavi

Since 2009 I have been hearing from increasing number of reporters who have been to Iran that more and more Iranians are pining for the Pahlavi dynasty which ruled Iran until the 1979 revolution.

According to the article below from The Guardian’s Tehran Bureau, some Iranians are not just pining for the Shah and how life was comparatively better under him (compared to the current regime), they are now showing it by buying Pahlavi memorabilia from the Bazaars of Tehran and Shiraz.

According to the article, the Shah is also popular with some members of the younger generation, who were born after the revolution:

“Another time I struck up a conversation with a skate boarder in Laleh Park and he noticed it. “These fucking mullahs man, they don’t give a fuck about us,” he said. He had a septum piercing and tattoos up his right arm. “The Shah cared about his people. He was a real leader. ”

The Pahlavi regime was also corrupt and abused human rights. But the current regime is far more corrupt and far more ruthless with the people of Iran. Life after the revolution has gotten worst for so many Iranians. So I can fully understand why some in Iran would want to be ruled by the Pahlavis again.

You can the read the article “Why Iranians are lapping up Shah memorabilia” here